Create your own chatbot in minutes

No coding skills? No problem. Building a chatbot for your website is now a breeze. Pre-program GPT models, customize your bot's style and tone, and monetize your creation.


Tell it how to act

Craft a digital mind that reflects your unique use case and needs. Need a car mechanic? Need a job search companion? How about a personal language tutor? Your personal AI is mindable.

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Save your presets

Always find yourself prompting ChatGPT to act a certain way? Save time by creating a set of pre-defined system prompts that can be launched with a click.

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Publish it online

Embed your chatbot on your own website or domain. Plus, with custom styling options and support for images and multimedia, your chatbot will look stunning.

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Remember everything

Mindable can keep track of your conversation history across different conversations using vector embeddings with Pinecone. Your chatbot learns from you so you're not starting with a blank slate every time.

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Extend its knowledge

Plug in your own SQL database to give your chatbot agent a source of information to draw from. It can even update your database for you based on text input. Need to know how many contacts you have? Your top selling products? Add a new phone number? Ask and you shal retrieve.

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Why build a chatbot for free when you can make money doing it? Upon release, you'll be able to connect your chatbot to a Stripe account and start earning revenue by selling access to your custom mind.

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Your next big idea is

Mindable is in early access. To get the password, join the waitlist or email